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In recent years, printing and promotion words are being used by a bunch of brands that can not achieve sufficient levels of innovation in our country.

It was thought that with the Far East's price-driven product range, the local brands' chances of producing innovation-focused products were tough. With almost all producers or marketing companies turning their entire product purchases to the Far East, the market is filled with lots of worthless products in terms of design; which all look the same.
In this landscape MODD/paper becomes your solution partner as a brand that opens new doors with brand new product designs and different printing techniques.

Why is MODD/paper working with more than 200 brands more innovative?
  • With the advantage given by the incorporated advertising agency,
    Suggestions on different printing techniques for your works to be printed,
    Design support,
    Print check and production follow up,
    Pricing and time advantage,
    Promotional goods with a touch of design,
    Promotional solutions tailor-made for your brand,
    Fast and Professional Operations Management

For a different understanding of services, give your brand a shot of the vision of the future with MODD/paper now…

and 'why', do you ask?

Because superiority is not an act, it is designed…

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MODD/paper succeeded in integrating the expert staff who grew up in production in terms of printing with the new generation team who believe in the power of design.

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